Great Expectations

i cannot measure your color
through the distance of time

wait above and below days
until the scent of bluebells

paints my spring


London in Black and White

(image from this website)


in winter

sky, colored in mutiny
roaring in grey and blue

the air has teeth
like Hera scorned

LKT © 2016


She waits in her skin
time drips into
nooks and crannies

They call her granny
which she no longer hears
over jittery fingers

Disease and pain linger
bones shrivel and wane
she can’t savor her food

Trifocals ruin the mood
everything is dry
she waits, she waits to die

LKT © 2015

Vending Machine Wisdom

apes and spiders mocked
the jays of winter, battles
raged five times a dragon,
maleficent and cinderella:
shades of grey, inside and
out, transforming minions
of seven furious dinosaurs
into interstellar guardians
and avengers—impossible
this all fits in a red cuboid

LKT © 2015