Foreign Furlough

“I told you we took a wrong turn after the Kuiper Belt.”

“You only said we might want to take a left.” Albert twisted around. “You should have been more specific.”

A scuffle was heard from the back seat. “I’m older so I get to ride Saturn’s rings first!”

“I’ll blow you out the air lock!”

Hortense shot her best evil eye at the two boys then scratched her ear instead of smacking the back of her husband’s head. “I was very specific. I wanted a nice, quiet vacation in the Andromeda galaxy. You were the one who insisted we come here.”

“Mom! Walter keeps poking me and I gotta go!” Ernest was doing his best imitation of the potty dance while still strapped into his seat.

Hortence glared. “And we have yet to see a single bathroom.”

Albert had had enough. “That’s it!” His face contorted. “Boys, don’t make me pull this spaceship over.” He swiveled to face his wife. “Fine. Next time, we are having a stay-cation.”

LKT © 2015

Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. To view other entries in the challenge click here.

FFfAW image 11.24.15

Photo prompt © Etol Bagam.


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