Fault Lines

Tera condemned her scream to a whimper when the dissection began. They could have dulled the pain, but that would have turned the seasons into unending paradoxes. She couldn’t quite hold it in, however. Opposite, in a place they couldn’t see, a rupture of steam and ash spilled a liquid holocaust into the valley below.

She wasn’t nervous, but was certain the tiny creatures inhabiting the area were horrified when a large swath broke away and was swept into the sea. Kym reassured Tera this was for the best and not a single being would be harmed.

LKT © 2015

Written for the Friday Fictioneers prompt.

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Fri Fic Image 11.27.15

Photo prompt © Sandra Crook


25 thoughts on “Fault Lines

  1. I kind of understood who Tera was but didn’t know who Kym was until I read the comments. Good one. I like the concept of “dulling the pain would result in unending paradoxes” – it’s intriguing at the same shows the compassion and power of Tera seasoned by reason.


  2. Very intriguing. I like the way you’ve told this story – the tone and style are understated, but the events are cataclysmic. Her pain is an essential part of the life cycle of earth. A really good spin on mythology.


    1. Thank you, Amy. I hadn’t considered the terminology (especially Tera) would be elusive to so many. Perhaps next time I will try for something a bit less obscure. (Except I like to read things like that, so I sometimes write that way, so we’ll see).

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  3. I had guessed at Tera, but didn’t get Kym until I read the comments. Nevertheless, I think this is a very interesting take on the prompt. No one will be hurt, it’s for the best… now, where have we heard that before?

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