Uncharted Territory

Behind my sunglasses, I blinked and the sweat on my lashes swam into the groove between my nose and cheek. Heat lifted a heavy film of perspiration from my skin. I watched the pavement roll like summer whitecaps under the line of sneakers and flip flops in front of me. Weight shifted as heels sank into viscous soles.

Up front, a stirring. Heads lifted and we moved like a snail’s wave forward the span of sixteen people then stopped. This occurred at regular two minute intervals.

Three quarters of an hour later, there were only fourteen people in front of me. Green eyes to my right were full of liquid fear. The French manicure to my left played disconnected notes on the metal bar between us. Nervous murmurs behind me were elicited from polished red lips underneath peppered brown hair.

My heart was beating in time to the irregular staccato of the nails. Not out of fear or trepidation. No, I was piqued and tumultuous—ecstatic with anticipation.

The horn signaled the next group forward. I moved into the car perched on the tracks, secured by sets of only three pairs of wheels. Blue eyes sat next to me, but as the attendant came by to check our security braces, she panicked and ran under the blinking sign. I shook my head at the assistant’s quirked brow. He winked and secured my harness.

The horn sounded again. We were off. Into the strange twists, unexplored turns, obscure g-forces of circular unreasonableness.

LKT © 2015


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