White Gold

“Slow down, Miss Pearl.”

“Stop calling me that!”

Randy bobbed his crest towards the crowd on the other side of the fence. “And spread those tail feathers a bit more. Give ‘em the show they paid for.”

“This is ridiculous. I’m leucite, not albino.” Theodore pranced faster. “I’m not even female. It’s false advertising.”

“Who cares? Your daily strut around the yard is bringing in enough money to hire someone to clean up the daily droppings plus get us some cute hens to liven up the place.” Randy pecked at Theodore’s bum.

The peacock’s shriek delighted the crowd. They thought Miss Pearl was charming. Randy grinned. “Do you see them opening their coin purses? I’m going to make you squawk every day!”

Theodore muttered something about turning a scream into bloody murder, but Randy could only hear the plink of gold into the coin box.

LKT © 2015

(Author’s note: I am aware that the darker peafowl would be a female, but I decided to use creative license and make it male as it seems better suited for this story).

Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers week of 11/17/15. To read more stories from the same visual prompt click here.

Image prompt copyright Sonya – Only 100 Words


6 thoughts on “White Gold

  1. Poor Theodore having to pretend to be a female in order to get more coins in their plates. Sometimes a guy’s got a do what a guy’s got to do! LOL! After all, they get the females later and maybe that will make it worthwhile. 😀 Cute story!


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