A one inch square of plaster fell, breaking up into smaller shards when it hit the tile. The section of wall from which it was divided appeared bruised, cracks splitting the paint around the zygomatic indentation. The newly formed recess seemed to be swelling backwards, into the inner wall. Soft hands, placed on either side of the damage, pushed away slowly, with purpose, being careful to not cause any more disruption. Despite the caution, chips of crimson paint came away, falling on fingers, dripping to the floor. She promised herself she would clean it up later, after it was quiet.

LKT © 2015


3 thoughts on “Disjunction

    1. Belatedly, I realized I could have been more clear with my previous reply. This piece is about the aftermath of a fight between a husband and wife, during which he shoved her into a wall. So, yes, it’s about her heart being broken, but it’s also about her broken body as well.


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