Perspiration oozed from underneath my arms, saturating the thin cotton shirt. It’s November, I thought, I shouldn’t be this warm. Hot? I guess sweat means I’m hot. I need a drink. No. that’s not what I want. My fingernails pricked at the fabric covering my arm, scratching anxiously at my inner elbow.

I gotta do something about this itch. Propping myself up against the stop sign, I scanned the other side of the street. Bars, nudie bars, adult bookstores and more bars. Yeah. I need a drink. Fingers foraged my pockets, but came up empty. Shit. I wonder if the owner of Hot Books will let me use the back room at the bookstore again. The last time I made sixty-three bucks letting a few creepers fondle me for five minutes each.

Shivering and sweating, I headed that way. The owner was in an amiable mood, especially when I let him watch as the greasy haired teenager pawed at my tits. The poor kid had to run to the bathroom afterwards to relieve himself. A few more customers and it was closing time. I guess the owner had liked what he had seen. He offered me fifty buck for a hand job after he flipped the closed sign. Wiping my fingers on my jeans, I left the bookstore and headed next door for that drink.

Psst. What? I turned, peering into the small recess between the buildings. Whadaya want? Wanna score? I got some pretty china. China white for a lovely lady like you. China white? You mean…I shook my head, but it lacked conviction and he pounced.

Here. The first dope is free. Look. I’ve even got clean needles. The wet stains under my arms grew and my hands trembled as they reached for his gift. I started to roll up my sleeve right there, but he grabbed my collar, yanking back into the dank corner. Girl, you gotta be discreet like, okay? The needle was already in my vein. Yeah. This was way better than a drink.

I relaxed and smiled as the pain in my head lifted and fluttered away on butterfly wings. I watched the colorful insect meander above the sidewalk, not perching just giving everything a light touch, a sprinkling of pixie dust. It looked so serene I figured it would lead me somewhere beautiful. Someone behind me was calling my name, or some other girl’s name. I wasn’t sure. The butterfly was guiding me home.


She got any ID on her?

Nope. I guess we’ll have to check the missing person’s database. Maybe a family member will recognize her and take care of the body.

Shame. It’s disturbing to see one so young lying in the road. Hey, can you turn her head a bit. I can’t get a good picture with her mouth shoved up against the gutter.

LKT © 2015


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